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  1. Configuring your firewall to work with Sonos Select your firewall from the list below for instructions on how to configure it to allow access to Sonos. Avast! Internet Security 2013 Internet Security 2010 AVG Internet Security 2013 Internet... Date Updated: 10/12/2017
  2. Choosing between a Standard and BOOST Setup Your Sonos system can be configured in either a Standard or BOOST Setup. This article will cover the difference between the two types of setups, as well as scenarios where a BOOST Setup may yield... Date Updated: 04/27/2017
  3. Replaced your router or changed WiFi settings? If you’ve recently replaced your router or changed your home WiFi password, your Sonos system may not be working properly. In the video below, Ryan from Customer Care will guide you through how to... Date Updated: 12/27/2017
  4. Your Sonos system was not found If you’re seeing this message, it means the Sonos app is having trouble finding the speakers it usually connects to. Most of the time, this can be fixed with a few quick steps. If you're trying to... Date Updated: 11/14/2017
  5. Setting up Amazon Alexa on Sonos If you're setting up Amazon Alexa on a Sonos One, please see our article for a step-by-step walkthrough: Setting up the Sonos One with Amazon Alexa × What is Amazon Alexa? Amazon Alexa is the... Date Updated: 03/09/2018
  6. How to Set Up Sonos: Standard Setup In a Standard Setup, your Sonos products will connect directly to your home’s WiFi network. You can place your Sonos product in any room that has a good connection to your home’s WiFi signal. An... Date Updated: 10/06/2017

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  1. New Sonos Community Coming Soon We have exciting news to share. On August 5th, our existing communities at and will be merged into an all-new space for online conversation. Since Sonos was first launc... Date Updated: 07/29/2015
  2. I cannot set up another device to pick up sonos system I have set up a play 1 using my iphone but when I try to add my wife iPhone to it it won't pick up the sonos system. She is using the same wifi network. HELP Date Updated: 07/23/2015
  3. Radio station KEEPS Dropping out. None of the below is helping! Radio keeps dropping out despite all the advice and checks on, cables, router and broadband feed. It is TuneIn/Sonos. All other music is streaming or feeding faultlessly it is only on BBC 6Music that ... Date Updated: 07/22/2015
  4. Add all songs to my que? Normally what I do is just select play all on mediamonkey on my computer or on Poweramp when I use my android , then I just shuffle all my music. Is there any way to simply play and shuffle all the tr... Date Updated: 07/21/2015
  5. One device, different rooms/zones, different outputs/media simultaneously One iPhone, Two Playbars, Two Bridges, Two Subs. Can I have one Bridge+Playbar+Sub playing one media type(Pandora) and the second Bridge+Playbar+Sub playing another media type(Spotify) all from the sa... Date Updated: 07/24/2015
  6. Add LeTournedisque music service Is there any possibility of adding LeTournedisque music service app to the other music services Sonos supports? This app has some unbelievable music I don't find anywhere else Date Updated: 07/22/2015

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